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The Real Causes Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

It’s true?  Are cats better than dogs?

Many people turn to compare dogs and cats beginning with age and size, and from there with the strength and ferocity, a long time ago and dog owners argue that dogs are better than cats.

To resolve this issue, let us take a look at some of the evidence that will be persuasive that cats really better than dogs.

1. Cats are more flexible than dogs

Cats are more flexible than dogs

Cat owners will tell you that they always fall back on its feet, and it’s true if you fall from a short distance. When the distance is longer than cats depend on their flexibility and falling on her breast and her belly, which entitles the lessening of her injury.

Amazing that cats falling from long distances dying sound of short distances, so that extra space given to the cats ample room to prepare themselves to go down very well, and this is no advantage when dogs, so if a dog of medium-distance no area of survival.