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Cat Years – To Human Years

What square measure Cat Years?

A cat years calculation could be a fun thanks to estimating however recent a feline is in human ages. many of us believe that, like dog years, cats age quicker than humans, which the primary 2 cat years to human years square measure as long as twenty-four folks birthdays for kitties.

The truth concerning scheming cat years to human years, however, is that felines don’t age similar manner folks do. Not even being talented with 9 lives is a bonus for a cat, since an extended and healthy life depends on several factors such as:

1. Breed of cat

2. Body condition and weight maintenance

3. Indoor or outside lifestyle

4. Quality of food

5. Scheduled veterinary check-ups and vaccinations

6. Amount of exercise through games (WATCH: a pair of min video on home-made games for kitty)

7. General cat care health

8. Whether a cat is castrated or altered